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Surge in Remote Site Monitoring and Response for Developments in Torbay

We have seen a surge in remote site monitoring and response for property and commercial developments in Torbay over the last quarter.

Using remote CCTV technology to monitor the sites, we provide a response to the control room when cameras are activated. Our services ensure that all alerts are responded to at all times by our team within the agreed timescale.

The Torbay Development Agency recently wrote:

“There is so much to be positive about in Torbay, from air shows to photonics businesses; from beach awards to partners working together to lobby Government.  But there is also a lot to do to build on these positives and transform Torbay.”

“It’s a little over a year since the Council published its strategy to transform Torbay’s town centres. It’s a strategy that sets out to deliver what residents, business and visitors say they want to see happen.  Critical to delivery is to secure the confidence and action by investors.”

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We are proud to be involved with the growth and future of Torbay where our head office is situated. For more information on our alarm response services please call 0800 043 8809 or email us.

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